Big Data


As tons of information emanating from numerous sources, organizations are struggling to manage the exploding volume, diversity and resulting complexity. Conventional data management becomes ineffective and expensive. Moreover, deriving actionable insights from huge data is not an easy task but has become necessity for organizations to boost growth in the globalized environment

Mudhrastec offers Data analytics services and solutions that can help the organizations manage the big data and extract actionable insights at very competitive prices. Mudhrastec’s Data analytics services can provide organizations with the competitive advantage that can improve decision making capabilities and potentially place the firms in fast track in the global race.


Analytics 1.0 is the era of business intelligence, Analytics 2.0 is the era of big data, and Analytics 3.0 is the era of data-enriched offerings. Data consultants in Mudhrastec are experts in advanced analytics. The state of the art in-house infrastructure has the capacity to handle large data in multiple forms and from multiple sources such as local, cloud, Social media, etc. As a result, Mudhrastec is able to offer following data services efficiently and effectively.

  • Big data strategy and roadmap
  • Technology evaluation for the business
  • Design of To-be architecture
  • End to End Infrastructure services
  • Capacity Planning
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Application/Dashboards/Reports Development
  • Standalone Data analytics services
Our services can help you deliver more value to your clients.

Mudhrastec expertise in:
Hadoop: using simple programming Hadoop handles a distributed processing of massive amount of raw data sets across clusters of computers to get some business relevant outputs. This high availability parallel processing system help you to schedule and manage cluster resources in order to handle distributed systems. Being schema less it is flexible enough to handle datas irrespective they are structured or not. Multiple sources can be aggregated in arbitrary ways enabling deeper analysis which makes its scalable, cost effective and fault tolerant.


We provide
Hadoop Data Platform Deployment:
– Hadoop deployment
– Hadoop tuning
– Hadoop trouble-shooting

Apart from these we do
Business Analytics / Data Science:
– Data ELT
– Data cleansing
– Data analytics/science

Visualization / Business Intelligence:
– Presenting insights with Visual / BI
– Visual / BI consulting

With reference architecture on various platforms:
Business Intelligence Software
Data Analytics (SQL, Python, Scala)
Data Science Platforms
Infrastructure (DAS & Appliance)
And integrates/implement Big Data Analytics Solutions for our customers.


  • Less time-to-insight leading to enhancements in time and data access
  • Increased data authenticity and accuracy
  • Improved consistency and quality (and therefore assurance in analysis)
  • End to End Infrastructure services
  • Increased scalability and efficiency
  • Reduced cost and improved proficiency and decision support
  • Data compliance inlegal, controlling, privacy