Wireless Solutions


Whatever your world looks like, you need high-speed voice, data and video communications serving multiple people in multiple locations. What’s the optimal solution? A growing number of organizations like yours are turning to wireless broadband solutions to deliver the anywhere, anytime access you need. They’re fast. They’re reliable. They’re cost-effective. And they can connect everyone in your world…everywhere in your world with securely

Mudhrastec provides secure, fast and reliable wireless network connectivity that’s easy to deploy. No more hassle and expense of installing and maintaining E1/T1 or other leased lines and no delay and cost of obtaining a permit and trenching to lay your own fiber lines. Wireless broadband eliminates costly recurring service fees. The initial investment can be redeemed in a matter of months as the return on your investment continues for years.

Quality of Services:
The Quality of Service (QoS) management built into Wireless solutions is designed to ensure that users receive the level of service responsiveness they expect, while expenditure on system upgrades and enhancements are kept to a minimum. All our Wireless solutions are delivered with built-in QoS features such as priority queuing, IP TOS/DiffServ, traffic limiting/shaping (absolute, relative, mixed) and traffic redirection.

Point to Point : Reliable, High-Capacity Point-to Point Wireless Broadband Designed for your Multi Service Network
Point to Multipoint : Offering interference tolerant, scalable networks for data, voice, and video applications.
WLAN : WLAN solutions including controller base Wi-Fi, billing gateway, network optimizers, cloud base guest portal and services.
MESH : Offering the best wireless Mesh for Video surveillance and Mobilty.


Video Surveillance solutions:

Mudhrastec is advancing safety and security with our world-class Video Surveillance solutions.
  • Video Surveillance solutions are security tools that help reduce crime and protect people and property. These solutions deter revenue loss from stolen merchandise, destruction of valuable information and vandalism. Mudhrastec offers integrated and customized advanced Video Surveillance solutions to protect what matters most to our customers.
  • We design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of Video Surveillance solutions to meet customers’ specific needs and budgets, from large commercial enterprises to home security platforms, from simple camera systems for small offices and businesses to complex solutions for urban traffic management systems.
  • Mudhrastec end-users include commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, governmental, small business and residential customers as well as Fortune 500 companies.le
  • Mudhrastec is passionately committed to helping our customers achieve their safety and security goals with our Video Surveillance solutions.