Oracle Cloud


The Next-Generation Public Cloud That Adapts to Your Organization Increase Agility. Unify Experiences. Transform Your Business. With 88 percent of enterprises now using public clouds, it’s no wonder the public cloud has entered into what many analysts are calling a hyper innovation phase. Already conferring enormous benefits around cost, agility, and customer experience, public clouds are transforming business practices and reshaping IT. Beyond that, they’re also changing the way organizations compete, as the number of solutions and use cases grows

Oracle Cloud is the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud. It offers best-in-class services across software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and even lets you put Oracle Cloud in your own data center. Oracle Cloud helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.


Data as a Service (DaaS)

Data as a Service (DaaS) is a revolutionary new service that gives you unprecedented levels of connection to customers.

DaaS is a response to the growing volume and variety of data generated in today’s digital world. Users consume data across a variety of systems and processes—data that can be used to make customer engagements more relevant and impactful. This data-driven insight helps you connect with customers across marketing and sales to virtually all areas of your business.

DaaS is a cost-efficient, agile service that lets you focus on selling your products, rather than sourcing, managing, and activating data. Oracle Data Cloud DaaS offerings—powered by Oracle ID Graph—bring together the largest array of data-driven solutions so marketers, sales professionals, and research/insight teams can integrate better customer data for a competitive advantage.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications provide you with the speed and innovation of best-of-breed cloud software in a complete, secure, and connected cloud suite. Embedded with Modern Best Practice processes and built-in social, mobile, and analytic capabilities, Oracle Cloud applications help you deliver the experiences your customers expect, the talent to succeed, and the performance the market demands.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offers a set of core capabilities, like elastic compute, networking, and storage to help you quickly reach your IT goals.

  • Compute Service to leverage elastic compute capacity to address growing business needs.
  • Storage Service to provide a secure, scalable, reliable and simple storage solution to meet all of your enterprise needs.
  • Messaging Service to leverage dynamic messaging capabilities for workflow agility.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Increasingly, organizations are finding that by using cloud-based platform offerings—called platform as a service (PaaS)—to develop and deploy applications, they can eliminate the cost and complexity of managing the underlying application platforms. Businesses that use PaaS have reported operational savings of up to 50 percent compared to using siloed technology stacks. 2 Simplifying the administration and management of your infrastructure, database, and middleware means

  • Developers can build new applications faster and more cost-effectively.
  • IT organizations can shift focus from provisioning and maintaining environments to the strategic work of supporting and collaborating with the business
  • Business users can enhance employee productivity and automate business processes— without involving IT.