Network Management


Large enterprises, as well as small and medium sized companies need reliable methods and simple tools to manage the network so that data flow in the organization remain uninterrupted round the clock. Mudhrastec offers future ready network management solutions not only monitor the availability but also focus on performance.


Internet Access and Security:
Now a days organizations are highly dependent on high-performance Internet access to work effectively. The same time increased access to internet may expose your network to a lot of attack and vulnerabilities too. Threats ranges from simple malware and adware to botnets, Advanced Persistent threats , spywares, , phishing and advanced Persistent threats, Blended threats are serious enough to make direct business impact. So it’s very essential to keep your IT in a proper health to eliminate even a mild compromise. Our experienced team of engineers create, integrate and manage security infrastructure to protect your domain from viruses, hackers, and other vulnerabilities. We help you to ensure 100% achievement in your IT compliance policies.

Bandwidth Optimization:
Bandwidth performance is very important to because any variations can cause a direct business impact. It’s important to ensure adequate bandwidth to be maintained at environment to run multiple business critical resource smoothly. It has become essential to detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues quickly as possible. It is required to track response time, availability of network components, IP management to keep your network Healthy. A tool to Analyze traffic patterns and bandwidth hogs are recommended. We have a specialized team of seasoned professionals to address all your optimization issues.

Network Identity:
Network identity (network ID) is used to identify individuals or devices on a network such as a local area network. It help admins to track the user resources such as data, application and devices he accessed. A network ID authenticates access to network devices, s, servers, web portals, an applications. Wise choice of an identity manager software helps you to improve your account management for safe authentication. Authentication safety. It’s time saving and provides Better manageability.