Data Protection


Data is the one of the precious asset of an organization. Corporate data comprise various functional areas like financial accounting, Supply- chain, HR, Customer information, business confidential etc. If a data loss, corruption or service interruption occurs it may create a serious turbulence in your customer base, loss of business, failure to compliances leads to audit bottleneck or legal issues.
A well-focused study is needed to classify what all data are relevant to your organization. A proper backup plan, as well as a disaster recovery plan should be equipped to make sure business continuity to be unaffected.


Now more than ever, the focus placed on disaster and recovery increases as your capacity continues evolving rapidly along with the mounting of available information. Our data protection solutions ensures that your mission-critical data is securely backed up and replicated to enable retrieval of data upon unplanned events such as user error, system failure and operational outages. Apart from maintaining data integrity and ensuring tasks are run on schedule, it also offer remote site mirroring and disaster recovery.

Data protection seeks to have overall balance to protect business critical application and yet cost effective.

A well designed, implemented and managed data protection system will consider different technologies and processes that will ensure customers able to comply with internal policies and external regulations, promote operational efficiency, ensure business continuance in the event of a disaster and to minimize both operational and capital expenditures.

The evolution of existing technologies like tape and drives and the introduction of new technologies like deduplication, allow organization to re-evaluate their data protection plans. This is because data continues to grow at an increasing rate.